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Blood on the Tiber

The Dark Annals Trilogy


A blood-soaked alternative history with elements of fantasy and the paranormal. 

The Nephilim, descendants of impudent angels, have been cursed to walk the earth until the end of days, forced to drink the blood of the living to survive. When the Romans siege the holy city of Jerusalem and destroy the Great Temple, the Nephilim Council send their greatest warrior, Sarai, and her protege, Japheth, to Rome to recover the stolen temple goods in an effort to repair relations with the humans.

Yet the pair discover more than they bargained for as mutilated, decapitated bodies start surfacing in the Tiber River. Convinced that the deaths are related to the Nephilim’s most dangerous enemies, The Fallen, Sarai embarks on a quest to uncover the motive behind the murders. What she discovers will change the world forever.

Set against the backdrop of 1st century AD Rome, Blood on the Tiber is a vampire creation story entwined with Old Testament mythology that will draw you into a bloody tale of good vs evil. The dilemma will be in deciphering one from the other.



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